CocoMe, LLC has been making wonderfully practical products from organic virgin coconut oil with an emphasis on quality since 2013.

Our coconut oil products delight our customers and provide the organic skincare they want at an affordable price.  Our goal is to consistently provide a top quality moisturizing alternative for the health-conscious consumer.  CocoMe’s winning formula, combined with modern branding and innovative packaging, will stand out on your store’s shelves.

CocoMe, LLC is a privately owned independent company headquartered in Pleasantville, NY.  All of our products are manufactured to ensure product quality and consistency.

Some things To help you out:

  • Our Wholesale Levels start at 30 units and go up to however much you need.
  • We can assist you with price grids, profit margins, and marketing strategies.
  • We have Sales material already established. Our sales material has been tried and tested. We can send you the files, and you can add the contact information and pricing terms of your choosing. All our digital material is free of charge, but there will be a fee if we need to assist you in any print costs
  • We will add you to our Social media campains and direct any local business to you that requires a physical location.
  • We can also provide your very own web page (www.CocoMeBodystick.com/YOURSTORE) You can colorize and tailor it as you choose adding specials and information about your store. Even if it is not our product.


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All of us here at Cocome, LLC look forward to working with you and your staff to meet your business needs.

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