Welcome to CocoMe

Welcome to CocoMe

Welcome to the CocoMe blog, home of all things coconut oil. Our mission is to bring information about this amazing natural oil to everyone, and unleash its healing power on the world! More and more people are choosing natural products to nourish and moisturize their skin, ridding themselves of parabens, chemicals and other manmade ingredients that absorb into your body and change the delicate balance nature intended. And in my humble opinion, organic virgin coconut oil is simply the ultimate natural substance to use on your skin.
I created the CocoMe bodystick because I fell in love with using coconut oil topically but there was no good way to apply it. Coconut oil is solid at room temperature so in order to put in on your skin you have to dig your hand in a jar, rake through the oil with your fingers, and quickly rub the rapidly melting oil flakes where you want it to go. Not my idea of a practical or enjoyable regimen. I began to try and think of a better way to apply coconut oil. The idea of a stick came to mind and seemed to make sense, but just coconut oil in a stick is too vulnerable to temperature changes and you could end-up with a big mess. There needed to be something that could help stabilize the oil that wouldn’t counteract its benefits. After months of trying and developing recipes in my kitchen the solution became very clear. Beeswax was the perfect ingredient to compliment the coconut oil because it provided stabilization while enhancing the benefits of the oil by adding its own protective and moisturizing properties. This is how the CocoMe bodystick was born and I hope you enjoy using is as much as I’ve enjoyed making it for you.
Please join me as we get to know one another and pursue a path of healthier living together. Visit us again as we explore the many, many, many ways to use coconut oil and discuss other interesting tidbits. Check us out on Facebook or Twitter and become a part of the conversation. I’m looking forward to hearing what you have to share!

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