One Oil, Many Uses

One Oil, Many Uses

This post will be the first in a series discussing the various and unbelievable ways that you can use coconut oil. Use number one: EAT IT! Organic virgin coconut oil is absolutely delicious and suits many dishes from stir fries to roasting vegetables. It cooks well at high temperatures and in addition to making your food taste yummy you can also reap serious health benefits.

Think CocoMe Bodysticks make your skin feel great? Well just try it in combination with using it in your cooking; total nourishment inside and out. Coconut oil has good cholesterol and eaten in moderation can help your body achieve healthier cholesterol levels. It can be taken as a supplement to help with weight loss, fatigue, and in the Philippines is used to treat or alleviate the symptoms of many common afflictions. So give it a whirl!

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