Influencer shoutout marketing program


We will send you the CocoMe organic Coconut oil bodystick and the lip balm for a shout out on your social media connections in exchange for the free product.

We recommend for greatest engagement that your shoutout includes images or video of you using the product. This in general carries the highest engagement rate and adds followers.

There are many wonderful uses for CocoMe as found on our website.


Requirements For CocoMe shoutout program:

  • A Social media or blog audience of at least 2,000 followers
  • Can be combined between all of your social media networks
  • Must be followers or subscribers, not just likes
  • Your image must not be offensive, racist, or hateful.
  • Maintain an image consistent to CocoMe.
  • Agree to remove, edit, or delete the Social media post if requested by CocoMe

Feel free to also check out our Affiliate program and our Salesperson program as well.

Our open door policy at CocoMe

As mentioned we have an IT department, arts department and management all dedicated to help you succeed. You are welcome to contact any of us for assistance. Even the original founder, Lisa as busy as she is, is available to speak with and she is more than happy to talk to you. We want to make sure you have the support and the tools you need without having to wait forever. Please feel free to email, call, Skype, or live chat with our team, even if you just need some advice or a pick me up.

We look forward to working with you.




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888-324-8024 ext 2
718-669-8631 mobile
Wade.Phelps.0130 Skype

Influencer shoutout for free product from CocoMe Bodystick and lip balm. Get our product to use for free just for shouting out or doing an image with you using the product. Sample both our organic bodystick and our lip balm.
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