coconut oil on tattoo

Coconut oil on tattoo – tattoo aftercare coconut oil.

Coconut oil on tattoo – tattoo aftercare coconut oil. Regardless the reason for your tattoo, we hope that we can answer the following questions. Can you put coconut oil on a tattoo? Is it safe to use coconut oil on new tattoo? What are the Benefits?

Coconut oil on tattoo – tattoo aftercare coconut oil.

You did it. The tattoo you always wanted. There are many reasons for a tattoo.

  • To make a statement. In order to express creativity or individuality.
  • To honor someone important to you.
  • A right of passage. Family, Friendship, Country, Race, etc.
  • Emotional security.  To cover up or overcome a battle or imperfection.
  • Spontaneity. A challenge, a group of friends or a club. Or cause you got stupid one night.

Can you put coconut oil on a tattoo, or any other substance or cream?

Regardless the reason,  The tattoo is a part of you. It was painful, no matter how tough of a show you put on. Everything that comes in proximity of it hurts.  Yes Organic coconut oil on tattoo is in our opinions the best option. We will list the reasons later on. And unfortunately no matter how you look at it, you caused some serious damage.  Therefore your skin and a healing needs to take place. Now is the time to take care of it. To let it heal improperly leads to:

  • Infections – Bacterial and Fungal.
  • Loss of color and vibrancy.
  • Scarring that changes the image completely.
  • Don’t scratch and leave the dead skin alone.
  • Keep it out of the sun.

Tattoo aftercare coconut oil. And other options.

There are a few choices when tending to a tattoo after care. Here are some of the basics

  • Just soap and water. Though this method does keep the area clean, it does not actually assist in the healing process. It actually makes it worse. The soap has a tendency to strip away the good oils and the natural healing elements your body produces to repair your skin after a tattoo.
  • Soap and water followed up with Vaseline, Petroleum Jelly, Baby oil, or many of the other products with mineral oil.  – An unnatural way to treat it but somewhat effective. First understand, Mineral oil, or whatever name they choose that you cannot pronounce, is processed Gasoline.  Processed gasoline when refined as they do forms a barrier or layer that suffocates, like a piece of plastic. The negative, the skin is left on its own to heal without the benefit of breathing. It does keep other infections out, but it fails
  • Antibacterial soap and antibacterial ointment – Probably the most effective of the chemically enhanced methods. The ointment acts as a barrier from the outside elements. It  still has got a mineral oil in it but not as much. Thus allowing the skin to breathe a little. There are no nutrients or healing agent in the ointment so you are still relying on your body and your water intake hydration to do all the work. This may cause a time delay in getting nutrients to the damages skin.
  • coconut oil on new tattoo – Our choice. Yes it is our website which promotes CocoMe but let us document why Tattoo aftercare coconut oil is the best option.

Coconut oil on tattoo benefits

With this in mind, use CocoMe organic coconut oil in your aftercare routine and see what a difference it can make in the tattoo healing process. Here are some of the reasons.

  • Moisturize the skin. CocoMe Organic coconut oil on new tattoo uses  the medium chain unsaturated fats found in it hold your skin’s moisture Above all it means your new tattoo won’t dry out.
  • Protection – The capric, caprylic and lauric unsaturated fats act as a natural disinfectant, shielding your tattoo from microbial infections. Anti-Microbial, Anti-bacterial, and Anti fungal, and it is all organic and safe.
  • Vitamins and Nutrients. Vitamin E in coconut oil assumes two parts: it keeps your skin smooth, avoiding dryness and breaking, yet additionally, free radicals from your body which keeps your skin energetic in appearance. The skin absorbs the nutrients from the medium chain lauric fatty acid and then heals faster because it has all the tools to repair.
  • Skin Rejuvenation – The proteins from coconut oil on new tattoo repair harmed cells at a solid rate all through the healing procedure. To summarize, healthier skin means greater vibrancy in the tattoo.

Yes you can you put coconut oil on a tattoo. It is actually better.  Whereas coconut oil on new tattoo is more natural and more healthy.

Coconut oil on tattoo benefits – in conclusion

  • Anti-itch and anti-inflammatory . – Unlike some gels or chemical products, Organic coconut oil has a natural anti-itch property to prevent you from trying to scratch the tattoo as it is healing. The anti-inflammatory property prevents ripples or inflammation that could lead to the need to touch up or skin infections.
  • No scarring. The properties of Organic Coconut oil has been used for Many many centuries for wound repair and even stretch marks. It is commonly used for this purpose in tropical places where coconuts are grown. However, Many Doctors and dermatologists as linked to on this page are newly declaring the amazing abilities of Organic coconut oil can you put coconut oil on a tattoo. Even though it was already known by many.
  • Cruelty-Free and Fair Trade. – Unlike most products in the market of skin healing and rejuvenation. CocoMe Organic coconut oil is Cruelty free from Human or animals. It is acquired through fair trade.
  • All organic. Vegetarian or vegan. Cold press extraction. No PBO. No Chemicals. Gluten free. You can even pronounce the 2 ingredients. Coconut and beeswax.  As simple as nature intended.

Heal Faster – More Vibrant – No scars – Gives nutrients to the skin

Can you put coconut oil on a tattoo and around the area? Alternative Uses of CocoMe?

CocoMe organic coconut oil is also appropriate for

Coconut oil on new tattoo? Tattoo aftercare coconut oil instructions

  1. After your tattoo, your artist may wrap it up. Besides keep the area safe.
  2. After the 24 – 48 hours when your artist said it was ok, take off the bandage. The you can you put coconut oil on a tattoo.
  3. Then get a small bowl of cool water with very very little antibacterial soap. Only a few drops.
  4. Use tissue or bandage to dip into the soapy water and gently tap around the area of the tattoo.
  5. Apply Cocome Organic coconut oil on new tattoo. Likewise if the area is too tender. Then use a tissue or bandage.
  6. Keep the area moist, Unlike Mineral oil based products. You can use CocoMe as often as you like since it brings nutrients to the skin.
  7. Don’t let the skin dry out for the first 2 weeks.
  8. After the 2 weeks, use CocoMe daily or as you prefer to maintain a vibrant and healthy tattoo. The healthier the Skin, the better the tattoo looks.
  9. Therefore seek medical attention if the area stays red or becomes worse.
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