coconut oil for wrinkles

Coconut Oil For Wrinkles

Coconut oil for wrinkles? Is coconut oil good for wrinkles? Does it work? When do I use it? coconut oil anti aging treatments? How long does it take? What about coconut oil for wrinkles on forehead or coconut oil under eyes wrinkles?

In this summary of writing we will see why coconut oil is the number one thing used for skin care and wrinkles. Why is coconut oil good for wrinkles and why does it actually work? Experts in skin care and dermatologists will show us what facts and research they have come upon. Whether you need coconut oil for wrinkles on forehead, eyes, neck, or any other part of the body. We will look at the results and health benefits it has to offer as well as proceed to give detailed instructions on how to use organic coconut oil for wrinkles as in CocoMe.

What Causes Wrinkles?

Why is coconut oil good for wrinkles? First we must look at the cause. There are many causes that lead up to wrinkles. As many people age, they get wrinkles or creases in the skin that can occur in the face, neck, and various parts of the body. Wrinkles can develop from incorrect repairs of injured elastic fibers and collagen fibers. Over time, constant stretching and compressing of the skin can cause a repeated injury and thinning in the derma layers in your skin.

The derma  is skin in-between the epidermis and the fatty tissue. Elastic and collagen fibers are the main component of connective tissue. These Elastic and collagen fibers are made up of proteins. In fact, it is the part of your body that uses the most protein. This most abundant protein making up 25% to 35% of the whole body protein. It consists of amino acids wound together to form triple-helices to form of elongated fibrils. This is found in the tendons, ligaments, and the layers of the skin.

Over time, all of these factors can take a toll on the skin including:

  • Spending too much time in the sun
  • Smoking
  • Genetics
  • Overuse of the muscles in our face, and etc.
  • Being in the sun
  • Using Makeup. Regrettably, Mineral oil, found in most makeup is a petroleum based product. This has been proven to speed up the aging process. 

What Causes Wrinkles? – continued

Being in the sun is really healthy but too much sun can be dangerous. 10 minutes a day is a healthy way to get your vitamin D in but over that limit is where the aging process can speed up. Smoking is another dangerous habit that can lead to speeding up the aging process no matter what age you are. Some people also just have a genetic tendency to have their ageing process unfortunately speed up. The final problem is we use our facial muscles and body constantly throughout the day and night so it’s harder to fight anti-ageing.  The problem with wrinkles is that over time they can get annoying. If we don’t take care of our skin our skin will not take care of us.

Even when it comes to make up. You can buy the best make up products the world has to offer but if your skin routine is lacking? You will continually be flustered with the outcome of your skin.

Is coconut oil good for wrinkles? Coconut oil anti aging properties.

Unfortunately the aging process cannot be stopped but it can be helped. Using coconut oil anti aging treatment on your skin is fantastic. Why is coconut oil good for wrinkles?

  • It has antioxidants that protect your body from damage. Caused by free radicals and also contains antifungal and antibacterial properties that may help in the healing of your skin.
  • 100% organic and natural. Cosmetic skin creams do not serve their purposes well. They often contain toxic or carcinogenic chemicals that can be absorbed into the bloodstream through the skin. However, organic virgin coconut oil anti aging treatment is safe and beneficial while working better than most commercially offered skin creams and lotions.
  • There are components in coconut oil anti aging treatments that help repair damaged tissue in the elastic and collagen fibers called triglycerides and lauric acid. Lauric acid is a medium chained protein, the same that is even found in mother’s milk. This protein is able to supply nourishment and moisture to every layer of your skin. Your body then takes this organic protein and uses it to create a healthier and more vibrant skin. Replaces your body with natural vitamins and new life.
  • It also has the advantage to protect the skin against UV rays that come from the sun causing wrinkles. This is a safe alternative to having healthier skin and a healthier you. Why is coconut oil good for wrinkles caused by daily sun exposure? Though organic coconut oil has a mild UV protection of only 4 spf. The CocoMe mixture of Beeswax and organic coconut oil anti aging features provides the UV protection for daily use. Especially when you use coconut oil under eyes wrinkles as there is a lot of sun exposure. Of course, longer outdoor activities should use a stronger sunscreen.

Over the counter creams vs coconut oil for wrinkles

  1. The problem with over the counter wrinkle creams is that it uses the same basic chemicals that caused the wrinkles in the first place. These chemicals include:
    • Alpha hydroxy acids – Chemically extracting the upper layers of old skin by burning it off with acid.
    • Coenzyme Q10. A chemical that has been tested with everything from alzheimers to liver problems, yet, no conclusive evidence found that it helps any of it. The claim to this product is that it relaxes the face muscles thus leading to less wrinkles.
    • Peptides. – A chemically created protein that is synthesized to replace missing proteins in the face.
    • Retinol, Niacinamide and extracts. All chemical extractions to provide vitamins to the skin. More safe than most of the chemically rich items listed on this page, but still not organic or natural. Because of this, especially with Retinol, your skin becomes more risky of sun damage.
  2. Does not moisturize the skin. Many of these creams fail to moisturize or nourish the skin. Read the directions. They all suggest a use of a lotion on top of it. Preferably, their own overpriced brand.
  3. No protection from the sun. Again, these creams do not limit the UV rays that can add to more wrinkles.
  4. It is not natural or organic. Building chemicals on top of more chemicals will not lead to healthier results. Is coconut oil good for wrinkles? The true question is all these chemicals good for wrinkles, or your health overall?

What about coconut oil under eyes wrinkles

Because the pores and skin under and around your eye is so fragile and thin, signs of wrinkles, spots and fine lines specially common. The skin and muscles around your eyes are one of the most used muscles on your body. Constant eye movement happens 24 hours a day. Even when you are dreaming. This is why signs of aging are generally the first to show around the eyes.

Using coconut oil under eyes wrinkles is safe and beneficial. And due to the fact that the layers of skin are so thin, there is extra levels of protection in CocoMe. You will generally notice signs of improvement around the eyes more quickly than any other part of the body. And coconut oil under eyes wrinkles is organic and natural without the use of chemicals or lasers.

What about coconut oil for wrinkles on forehead

Coconut oil for wrinkles on forehead? Raising your brows with a question, or in laughter. or lowering them in concern. Days of sorrow and stress and moments of Joy. This all adds up over the years to wrinkles on your forehead. It is sometimes a good thing if your eyesight starts to go so you don’t see every notch and mark you have earned on your head.

CocoMe organic coconut oil for wrinkles on forehead can reverse the damage from these hard earned reminders on your forehead. it can also reverse the sun damage and blemishes too. Providing a natural holistic way to smooth out and grow new and vibrant skin on your forehead. Coconut oil doesn’t cover it up. It gives your body the proteins it needs to grow more youthful and vibrant skin. No Chemicals, lasers or expensive $200 to $700 treatments that only last a few months. Using coconut oil for wrinkles on forehead and coconut oil under eyes wrinkles has proven just as effective and it lasts longer.


Coconut oil anti aging properties

  • Medium Chain proteins – to nourish and heal.
  • Antifungal and antibacterial – to keep the face from harmful elements.
  • UV protection. Especially for coconut oil under eyes wrinkles
  • Moisturizes the skin while the body uses the nutrients to heal itself.
  • Heals wounds, scars and blemishes.
  • Coconut oil for wrinkles on forehead is strong enough for eczema and psoriasis related issues, but safe enough for a baby.
  • Coconut oil anti aging treatment is organic, natural, and proven for  thousands of years 

Instructions on how to use CocoMe organic coconut oil for wrinkles

Here are some steps on how to use CocoMe organic coconut oil bodystick.

  1. First you clean the area you would like to apply the CocoMe. Whether that’s using make up wipes or washing your face and etc. You can use Cocome as a scrub if you like since it carries antimicrobial properties.
  2. Then you apply the CocoMe product on the desired area. The CocoMe organic coconut oil for wrinkles will do the healing while the Beeswax, maintains the moisture and prevents evaporation. For better results, massage the CocoMe coconut oil onto the face or areas with the most wrinkles. Massage each area for up to 2 minutes. For the eye area,  massage gently Coconut oil under eyes wrinkles by gentle patting with one finger.  You can use your fingers or the palm of your hand for coconut oil for wrinkles on forehead.
  3. Its super simple to use and safe for almost everyone. It has so many amazing affects and it is so easy to use. Is coconut oil good for wrinkles? Because Nature almost always has the answer.
  4. We suggest using CocoMe twice a day, but your body will tell you over time how often it needs treatment. Please allow at least 2 weeks before looking for noticeable signs of less wrinkles. Take pictures and please send it to us if you can.
  5. Please consult your physician if anything worsens or an allergic reaction occurs.


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