coconut oil for sunburn

coconut oil for sunburn

Why coconut oil for sunburn? Exposing your skin to the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays for a really long time can cause an agonizing sunburn.  Coconut oil and sunburn has been touted as a powerful home solution for sunburns. However,  the question is,  does it work? Is coconut oil good for sunburn? Is coconut oil good for sunburn? Is coconut oil sunblock? Read on to discover about coconut oil and sunburn.

What are the Benefits of Coconut oil for sunburn

Coconut oil is used to treat numerous skin conditions. For example, dermatitis and skin inflammation. According to the Medical News Today the use of organic cold pressed coconut oil guarantee it helps in the following ways.

  • Moisturize. The medium chain Fatty acids form a good seal into the skin and actually gets absorbed faster that most other oils and lotions, Especially the products that use Mineral oil or petroleum in their products.
  • Anti-itch. This alone can be so annoying, wanting to scratch when it itches so bad. The Anti-itch properties of CocoMe Coconut oil is the natural, pure, and effective way to stop the itch while healing the skin.
  • Anti-Inflammatory. Skin dies and breaks apart in a sunburn. The inflammation caused by the UV rays literally just rig the skin layers apart.  The Benefit of CocoMe Organic Coconut oil slows down the inflammation process therefore causing the Skin to heal faster with less damage.
  • Prevent further damage to the skin. By protecting it from further  Bacteria and Fungus. There is Bacteria everywhere. Both Fungus and Bacteria love to creep into the crevices of any cracked or damaged skin. The CocoMe Organic Coconut Oil  offers the right blend of Antibacterial and Anti-fungal properties to prevent further damage or increased pain or rashes.

Is coconut oil good for sunburn? How does it compare to other products?

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, some oils and creams are not effective at treating burns.  The Problem is that many of these unnatural or processed products have long chain fatty acids. This does well to cover the skin, but it does not have the ability to get into the layers of the skin and assist in healing. In conclusion, it fails to assist in the healing process like coconut oil and sunburn.  It just covers the affected area while the body still does all the repair work. Coconut Oil carries Medium chain fatty acids that delivers the healing agent by being absorbed into the skin. To actually provide nutrients and protection as the sunburn heals.

How to use CocoMe coconut oil for sunburn

  1. Again going back to the American Academy of Dermatology, The First step is to apply a cooling element to the skin. A cold or cool shower is the best so that it can balance and regulate the body and the skins temperature.  A Great amount of the Sunburn damage actually happens after you were in the sun. Thus cooling the skin slows down the process and prevents further damage.
  2. Once the skin has cooled,  apply CocoMe coconut oil to the area of sunburn and all around the area. The nutrients of organic coconut oil can be applied even in the unaffected areas of the skin. Therefore, it will nourish the body as a whole thus helping the whole healing process. Go ahead, give new life to your skin organically.
  3. Listen to your skin. It will tell you by the heat and itch when it is time to apply more CocoMe coconut oil. Use as generously as needed.
  4. Stay hydrated. Drink clear water, Coconut water, or something that replenishes electrolytes. Water is still the best overall. Hydration gives your body the ability to heal faster.

Things to know about coconut oil and sunburn. Is coconut oil sunblock?

It is always better to use coconut oil sunblock before going out. Yes We are stupid to bring up such a stinging comment at a time you are reading this… Yes, pun intended. Coconut Oil Sunblock has a natural SPF of 4. Unfortunately, you have to use chemically enhanced stronger sunblock  if need a more powerful sunblock.

Seek Medical help if the sunburn is too sever. Don’t try to work through it. Fevers, Blister, Nausea and vomiting are all signs of a more severe problem. Sunburn can cause permanent damage, scarring, other infections, and yes even death.

Is coconut oil good for sunburn? Coconut oil should not be utilized as the primary line of treatment for sunburn. Neither is Aloe, Lotions, or any one form of treatment.  Coconut oil and sunburn is just a part of the healing.

Don’t substitute, some oils like cooking oil or butter will actually fry your skin more. OK, that pun was really poor taste

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