coconut oil for mosquito bites

Coconut oil for mosquito bites

Using coconut oil for mosquito bites? Does it work? Do you choose an organic an effective route for dealing with mosquito bites and many other bug bites? Very few things are more effective than CocoMe organic coconut oil.   Using coconut oil for any type of wound healing or bug bites of any type  seems like a new concept in western medicine world. But it is a practice that has been used in tropical areas for thousands of years.  Even  during WWI and WWII, organic coconut oil for mosquito bites and wounds healing was quickly used.  

Mosquito bites and bug bites.

First look at the problems with mosquito bites.

  • Itching and Pain. How annoying is the itching of mosquito bites. it takes everything in you to resist. and when you do give in. You are only making it worse by scratching it. Especially with children. who scratch and scratch until it spreads and causes rashes.
  • Redness and swelling. Of course the Body is making an attempt to heal itself. Reacting not only to the bite itself, but any foreign objects added to the body by the mosquito carrier.
  • Carrier of Bacteria,  Fungus, and viruses. As an insect that feeds off of blood. The risk of diseases and infections is huge. Over 1 million human infections a year is caused by mosquito bites.  Some of the diseases spread my mosquito had gained a lot of media attention recently. This, according to the CDC includes Zika virus, West Nile virus, Chikungunya virus, dengue, and malaria.


Why should I use coconut oil for mosquito bites and bug bites.

  • Anti-itching.  To ease the urge.  Stopping the itch to prevent further damage from scratching, rashes or skin damage.
  • Antibacterial, and Anti fungal. 
  • Lowers swelling and is an anti-inflammation.
  • Coconut oil for mosquito bites is a repellent. According to the US National institute of health.Organic Coconut oil, as found in CocoMe, prevents us  from getting more mosquito and bug bites
  • Coconut oil has nourishment properties that heal the bites and also prevent scarring. The Medium Chain Fatty acids actually absorb into all the layers of your skin, providing nourishment to the skin to heal itself.
  • Depending on your sensitivity, different medical treatment may be required. This includes formal medication or a trip to the emergency room. Please consult your doctor if the symptoms do not improve.Organic Coconut oil, as found in CocoMe, is safe for enough to eat. At one time was used as a plasma blood substitute during the war time. Therefore, safe enough to apply to your Mosquito bite or bug bite.


How to treat using organic coconut oil for mosquito bites.

  1.  Some preparation work needs to be done before using coconut oil for mosquito or bug bites. Get the materials you need.
  2. Cleaning of an injury is vital to ensure healing. Clean with cool water or an ice cube. Then gently remove any excess debris away from the wound.  Also, the cool water will lessen the pain. Let the water drip away but do not use a towel to dry. It can actually spread and bacteria or fungus in the wound.
  3. Then apply a generous amount of CocoMe Organic Coconut Oil. It is perfectly acceptable if  it gets into the wound. The natural organic properties do not cause any harm if absorbed into the blood stream. It actually nourishes the blood around the area to stimulate faster healing and skin growth.
  4. Therefore cover the wound if possible with sterile dressing and tape.
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