coconut oil for eczema

Coconut oil for eczema

Coconut oil for eczema or Atopic dermatitis (AD) in medical terms. Eczema is a defect in the epidermal barrier which results in lack of moisture on the skin surface. What this means is simple. Your body can;t deliver the proper nutrients to the outer layer of the skin. It therefore also is unable to defend itself from fungus and bacterial infections that form on the skins surface. There is no chemical medicine or treatment that can cure eczema. It is more common in babies and children. Some people outgrow it as they reach an adult. Their bodies adjust. however, there are over 30 million Americans that have eczema as an adult. Using coconut oil for eczema has been in practice in tropical regions for thousands of years. We will be  looking at many case studies coconut oil for eczema before and after.

“Coconut oil is an excellent moisturizer and good anti-inflammatory, so its use for eczema is on the rise,” says Ted Lain, MD, a dermatologist in Austin, Texas. “We know that it has inherent moisturizing properties. Just from its oily consistency, and that the anti-inflammatory effects are likely related to antioxidants such as polyphenols.”

Eczema symptoms. What to look for.

Being a visible ailment. Eczema is scary. It is however not contagious. There are signs to look for though as to not confuse eczema with other types of infections or psoriasis.

Basic Eczema symptoms to look for:

  • Severe itch  or Xerosis (dry skin).
  • Skin changes that vary with age.
  • Chronic and relapsing skin changes.
  • Ghost pains and inflammation. It hurts, feels on fire, but you cant see anything.
  • History of close relatives with eczema.
  • Can be caused by hay fever or asthma.

Coconut oil for eczema benefits

There are a lot of really cool features to CocoMe organic coconut oil. Especially for those who have issues with eczema. Though eczema cannot be cured, Proper use of CocoMe can limit and many times eliminate the discomfort that eczema can cause. More importantly, It also protects from further damage caused by bacteria and fungus. These infections try to seize an opportunity to take advantage of poor skin as they can grow faster.

  • Moisturize. This actually delivers nutrients to the damaged skin. Eczema’s main cause is the lack of nutrition that reaches the outer layers of the skin. CocoMe organic coconut oil actually is made up of the same medium chain fatty acids that fuels the skin. The Beeswax actually creates a protective barrier while the coconut oil does its job at healing and providing nourishment. You are not just treating the symptoms. You are also healing the damaged area.
  • Anti-fungal and Antibacterial. This protects the skin from any further damage while keeping the area clean as the skin grows.
  • Anti itching.  This is huge. no more itching. No more scratching. keep the infection from spreading.
  • Anti-inflammation. The unique effects of virgin coconut oil stops the inflammation and adds a cool barrier to the effected region.
  • Give the body the additional nutrients. To minimize future flareups.

coconut oil for eczema before and after.

Coconut oil for eczema before and after. First lets look at a study from the US library of medicine. This study shows the powerful results to treating eczema. Yielding better results than any other oil based treatment. But a picture is worth a thousand words. Look at the many samples of coconut oil clearing up the eczema symptoms.

How to use coconut oil for eczema.

How to use coconut oil for eczema.

  1.  Some step work needs to be done before using coconut oil for the area. Get the materials you need to treat before starting the first step in coconut oil treatment.
  2. Clean with cool water. Gently remove any excess debris away from the area.  Also, the cool water will lessen the inflammation and pain. Let the water drip away but do not use a towel to dry. It can actually spread and bacteria or fungus in the wound.
  3. Then apply a generous amount of CocoMe Organic Coconut Oil. It is perfectly OK if  it gets into the cracks or wounds caused by eczema. The natural organic properties do not cause any harm if absorbed into the blood stream. It actually feeds the blood around the area to promote faster healing and skin growth.
  4. If the eczema is severe. Cover the wound with sterile dressing and tape. If the area is not bleeding or have a rash, there is no need to use dressing.
  5. Feel free to take pictures of using coconut oil for eczema before and after. This way you can monitor the process and the results. It takes about 2 weeks to see the real changes.


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