coconut oil for diaper rash

Coconut oil for diaper rash

Coconut oil for diaper rash. No matter how careful and concerned of a parent you are. It is going to happen at some time. We will research the cause of Diaper rashes, and how you can prevent and cure it with coconut oil for newborn skin.  We will look at proven tests, then apply those medical results to a details instruction plan on how to use CocoMe organic coconut oil for diaper rash.

What are the most common causes of Diaper rashes

There are 4 basic type of rashes that show up of a babies bottom

  1. Yeast Infection.  A fungus that can sit dormant for a period of time that waits for the right time to flair up. When the elements are right for it to grow. Yeast infections are quite common in newborn babies. The fungus is called Candida and this fungus is everywhere. In the air, on the food we eat, in our bodies, and it thrives on warm spots that have moisture. In time, we develop antibodies to fight off some of the more common strains of Candida. However, Your newborn child is at higher risk because these antibodies have not yet been created.
  2. Bacterial Infection. Many bacteria’s are found in the air, the food we eat, and your baby is trying to expose of it through the urine or stool. As mentioned above, your child develops a defense against many of these over time.
  3. An Allergic reaction to the diaper. Every child  under two will have a diaper rash to a specific brand at least one time. However, there can also be a more severe allergic reaction. This can be cause by the brand of diaper. Or The elastic tape. The wipes you use, or a combination of the diaper with the soap or detergent you use to wash your clothes.
  4. Cradle cap spreading. A fairly harmless rash that is normally found on the babies head may sometimes spread to the diaper area. looks like a huge collection of pimples.

What can cause a rash to grow or spread?

  • Leaving on a wet or dirty diaper too long. Of course we as parents do our best to change the diaper in a timely manner, but it happens.
  • Humidity or moisture in the air. Seasons change, more moisture like rain or snow, or super dry that dries out the skin. All are factors to diaper rashes.
  • Rubbing or the diaper chafing against the skin. Some brand diapers are better than others for your child. You should test out different types to see what works best for your baby.
  • As their diet adjust to more solid foods. The Intestinal track in a baby is very sensitive and every baby reacts differently as more solid foods are introduced.
  • Have diarrhea. Diarrhea is the bodies way of removing harmful things out of your child quickly. Of course this many times leads to a baby rash. No matter how careful you are.
  • Your child is on antibiotics to treat an internal infection. This of course means the infection is forced out of the body which can lead to the baby rash.

Benefits of using  coconut oil for diaper rash

How to use CocoMe organic coconut oil for newborn skin

  1. Do your best to clean the area of the rash. Use natural wipes. Even though the rash hurts your child, do your best to clean the area as best you can.
  2. Apply CocoMe organic coconut oil for newborn skin. All around the rash.
  3. If possible, delay as long as you can to add a new diaper. Apply another layer of CocoMe before adding the diaper.
  4. Apply CocoMe coconut oil for diaper rash every time you change the diaper.
  5. Important to note, If your child is having an allergic reaction to the diaper, the elastic tape, detergents or wipes.  Coconut oil for diaper rash will only help alleviate the symptoms. It will not stop the allergic reaction. Try to identify what is causing the allergy and stop using it.
  6. Communicate often with your pediatrician. Always keep that open line of communication. Every child develops differently.  Of course we prefer pediatricians who have a more holistic and organic approach to healing. However, always seek an open dialogue with your doctor.
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