coconut oil for cuts

Coconut oil for cuts

Using coconut oil wound healing or using coconut oil for cuts seems like the latest fad or fashion in the western medicine world. But it is a practice that has gone back thousands of years. Even  during WWI and WWII, coconut oil wound healing was quickly used as a substitute for plasma and circulated into the blood stream in order to get them into safety. Yet here in the United states, the powerful natural healing abilities of organic coconut oil continues to prove itself. 

Coconut oil for cuts  – different types of wounds

A minor wound is a kind of damage in which skin is torn, cut or punctured. This also includes cuts, incisions, scrapes, punctured wounds, minor burns, lacerations and pressure sores. Injuries or accidents are the most common reason for these sorts of wounds. The side effects that go with wounds are bleeding, irritation, redness, swelling and pus pain. All wounds require care to prevent further and often more serious damage. Even minor wounds are often ignored only to be infected by a bacteria or fungus. Thus causing more damage to the affected area and the body, than the originally injury caused. We often ignore this and fail to seek medical care or treat properly. It is our nature.

We get scratches and cuts on our skin which can be because of anything-razor cuts, little wounds, minor blade cuts and so on.  Additionally, if your little kids has a habit for getting cuts on a daily basis. Which is quite common and normal.  There are band aids, creams and ointments out there but mot are filled with chemicals you can’t even pronounce. Most created in some Chemical plant somewhere through unnatural means. And yet we trust that it will work, even though many times, it only covers the surface of the wound. We find that it does very little in the healing process.

Coconut oil for cuts  – different types of wounds in conclusion

We continue to grow and mature in knowledge as a society. We are finding out all the time that what we once trusted as a treatable product, actually could lead to something more worse. It is the best choice to heal it using natural organic medicine. And whether you believe in Nature or a divine creator, the same holds true, Organic treatment is better.   Even a study in the US National Library of Medicine shows that the use of Organic Coconut oil for minor cuts is an extremely effective way to treat the injury

Benefits of using coconut oil for wound healing

  • Coconut oil is a natural skin healer. It relaxes crisp wounds and fortifies healing, reducing scars and fills up the cuts.
  • Organic Coconut oil antibacterial properties that repress any microbes developing in and on the cut reducing the danger of further infections and encouraging injury healing.
  • Coconut oil decreases the pain and burn related with cuts and causes a decrease in inflammation.
  • Therefore the Anti fungal properties also prevents fungal and yeast infections to the skin surface.
  • Coconut oil has nourishment properties that heal cuts and also prevent scarring.

Benefits of using coconut oil for wound healing – continued

  • The Medium Chain Fatty acids actually absorb into all the layers of your skin, providing nourishment to the skin to heal itself.
  • Since coconut oil has a moisturizing agent, it keeps the injured area clean and healthy for growth. Therefore reducing the chipping of the skin. This coconut oil wound healing prevents scars as well as stimulates tissue connection.
  • Coconut oil promotes collagen production and increases the cross-linking of collagen fibers thus healing and making stronger the damaged broken skin
  • Organic Coconut oil, as found in Cocome, is safe for enough to eat. At one time was used as a plasma blood substitute during the war time. Therefore, safe enough to apply to your wound or cut.

Coconut oil wound healing – Cleaning the wound and using organic coconut oil for cuts

  1.  Some preparation work needs to be done before using coconut oil for cuts and wounds. Get the materials you need to treat before starting the first step in coconut oil wound healing.
  2. Cleaning of an injury is vital to ensure healing. Clean with cool water. Gently remove any excess debris away from the wound.  Also, the cool water will lessen the pain. Let the water drip away but do not use a towel to dry. It can actually spread and bacteria or fungus in the wound.
  3. Apply a generous amount of CocoMe Organic Coconut Oil. It is perfectly acceptable if  it gets into the wound. The natural organic properties do not cause any harm if absorbed into the blood stream. It actually nourishes the blood around the area to stimulate faster healing and skin growth.
  4. Cover the wound with sterile dressing and tape.
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