coconut oil for burns

Coconut oil for burns

coconut oil for burns. I often think of myself as a curious kid. I was told many times. “Do not touch the stove.” “Do not touch the plate.” Or one of a hundred scenarios. And myself in my childhood curiosity had to touch it. Always burning myself.

Common types of skin burns

A burn is when extreme heat or a chemical comes in contact with the skin. The damage of the skin rated based on the severity of the damage. 

  • A first degree burn. Affecting Top Layer of Skin. Most of the burns that would cause blisters.
  • Second degree burn. Affecting Top 2 Layers of Skin. Lay the person flat remove loose clothing. Seek medical help immediately. Cover with a blanket or clean clothing until medical help gets there. Do not add any ointments or creams including CocoMe. The time for healing and scar prevention will happen later
  • Third degree burn. Affecting all the layers of Skin. Lay the person flat remove loose clothing. Seek medical help immediately. Keep the legs elevated and if possible the injured area above the heart. Make sure that the person’s airway is wide open as inflammation may cause it difficult to breath.

Coconut oil for burns. Why and When to use.

With milder burns, 1st degree or surface burns. Medical help is only needed if the pain increases or if it spreads. For more severe burns or chemical burns. please seek medical attention before applying any ointment or treatment. Many organic essential oils for burns in the skin do work, to an extent.  Even many home remedies for a time. However, let us compare that to the benefits of organic coconut oil for a burn in the skin like what is found in CocoMe.

  1. It seals the moisture into the Skin
  2. Then nourishes the skin to become stronger and healthier.  Often replacing the nutrients that is needed to repair the burn.
  3. Also aiding in the repairing of the skin area that was damaged due to injury.
  4. It has antibacterial and antifungal traits. Therefore preventing further infections.
  5. It works faster than mineral based products like baby oil, petroleum jelly, or many non organic skin lotions. This is because the medium chained fatty acids actually absorbs into all the layers of the skin. Thus healing the skin on all levels.
  6. Also it offers anti-inflammatory properties to help with the healing process.
  7. It doesn’t just numb the injury and itching. It cures the wound and the  itch.


Coconut oil for burns.

  • Seek medical attention immediately. Therefore for more serious burns it is always wise to go get medical attention as soon as possible.
  • Apply gentle cool water to the effected area. If soaps or cleaning agents cause pain, refrain from use until the next round of  coconut oil antifungal treatment.  The cool water opens up Slows down the inflammation and starts to end the burning process. plus provides a little pain relief.
  • Then apply CocoMe Organic coconut oil to the effected area, use a sterile pad if you like.
  • Repeat as often as you like to ease the symptoms. Use 2 or more times a day in order to properly treat the infected area.
  • Use organic CocoMe as daily moisturizer. In conclusion, use as a preventative measure from future infections. Also the added bonus of keeping your skin youthful, healthy, and clean.
  • Continue applying. Even after the burn has been cured. To prevent or repair scarring.

Find out first hand why CocoMe sits at the top of essential oils for Burn and scar repair to your skin.


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