Coconut Oil as Deodorant!

Coconut Oil as Deodorant!

If you like to stay informed about natural products and health in general you have no doubt heard about the potentially dangerous ingredients found in almost all deodorants and antiperspirants. If this is news to you then here’s a brief synopsis form “Traditional deodorants and antiperspirants contain ingredients that can be hazardous to your health. Antiperspirants try to get the body to stop sweating by using aluminum. Remember that sweating, while sometimes gross, is natural! It is your body’s way of releasing toxins and impurities. So you can imagine what happens when you force those toxins to stay inside. Links have been found between the aluminum in antiperspirants and Alzheimer’s disease and even breast cancer. The other ingredient in deodorants that really affected me was propylene glycol, which is a component of antifreeze.”

Ok, so go ahead and take a look at the ingredients in your deodorant. Every time you apply it to your underarms you are introducing these potentially dangerous substances into your body. Your endocrine system is working to cleanse your body through perspiration, but simultaneously you may be adding harmful foreign chemicals. As we start a new year why not try and do something good for your body and switch to a natural deodorant? Even better try using virgin coconut oil! Due to it’s antimicrobial properties, and natural sweet smell, coconut oil works as a very effective natural deodorant. I have tried it and it really does work. Sometimes you need to reapply depending on the day’s activity level, but I would rather do that than worry about the effects of such harmful ingredients. You?

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  • Sasha Reply

    I’ve never tried this, but Love coconut oil – use on face, antimicrobial on minor cuts, balm for diaper rash (no stinging chemicals & antimicrobial). Works great for all Those uses, I’ll give this a whirl. Thanks for writing about this use!


    July 1, 2016 at 11:43 am
    • Wade Phelps Reply

      thank you for your business. we are grateful and happy you find it so useful

      March 16, 2018 at 9:26 pm

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