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Coconut oil antiitching traits. How to stop itchy skin.

Coconut oil antiitching traits. How to stop itchy skin.- so annoying isn’t it. a constant nagging itch that will not go away. And the more you try not to focus on it, the stronger the sensation is to scratch. Even writing this articles causes us to feel a ghost itch just thinking about it. and now you come across this article and wonder. is it true, coconut oil for itchy skin? Does the coconut oil Antiitching traits really work or is it one of those pretend home remedies for itchy skin? Find out why Virgin Coconut oil is the top of essential oils for itchy skin!

How to stop itchy skin? First know the cause of it.

So many things can cause a skin to itch. Here are the more common reasons.

  • A common skin condition. This is probably the reason you are reading this page. because you want to know how to stop itchy skin. Therefore, the most common skin conditions are:
    • Dermatiis.  – Skin inflammation
    • Eczema . A Chronic skin disorder that includes scaly skin, rashes, and itching
    • Psoriasis.  A rapid buildup of skin cells causing rashes. a chronic autoimmune condition.
  • An Allergic Reaction
    • Food Allergy. Like peanuts, dairy, etc…
    • Seasonal Allergies. – Like plants or ragweed. Oak or Ivy’s
  • Medication Allergy
    • Many  first symptoms to medicines is itchy skin. However the allergy happens fairly quickly after your first dose. It is rare to form an allergy to a medication over time and multiple use.
  • An internal Disorder
    • Kidney or Renal failure. Your kidneys are unable to remove all the toxins out of your body. Your body reacts by causing an itch.
    • Cirrhosis – is scarring of the liver thus limiting the body from extracting waste.
    • Obstructions. – Something blocking the bile ducts.
    • Anemia and Leukemia. – both blood disorders.
    • Nervous system disorders. – Like diabetesmultiple sclerosis,  shingles, or neuropathy
  • Reaction to Bug Bites, Mosquito bites, or spider bits.
  • Your Diet
    • Low or too much salt.
    • Too much potassium, calcium or other nutrients. We even heard of cases where too much vitamin C caused an allergic reaction.

Essential oils for itchy skin – coconut oil for itchy skin

Many organic essential oils for itchy skin do work, to an extent.  Even many home remedies for itchy skin do work for a time. However, let us compare that to the benefits of organic coconut oil for itchy skin like in CocoMe.

  1. It seals the moisture into the Skin
  2. Then nourishes the skin to become stronger and healthier.  Often replacing the nutrients that were causing the itch.
  3. Also aiding in the repairing of the skin area that was damaged due to injury or infection.
  4. It has antibacterial and antifungal traits. Therefore preventing further damage.
  5. It works faster than mineral based products like baby oil, petroleum jelly, or many non organic skin lotions.
  6. It doesn’t just numb the itch, it cures the itch.

How to stop itchy skin. Not just another one of those home remedies for itchy skin

Of course, no essential oils for itchy skin will work when there is a severe internal medical disorder like kidney failure. Many allergic reactions also need medical assistance. No coconut oil antiitching trait or home remedies for itchy skin will work for these type of ailments.  Please seek medical help immediately if your symptoms sound similar to an allergic reaction or medical disorder. Or if any of the home remedies for itchy skin do not work or become worse.

How to stop itchy skin – the steps to use coconut oil for itchy skin

  • Consult your doctor. Therefore if the infection is severe, or it continues to spread, or a possible internal disorder. Then please seek medical attention.
  • Apply gentle warm water to the effected area. If soaps or cleaning agents cause pain, refrain from use until the next round of  coconut oil antifungal treatment.  The warm water opens up the pores of your skin thus allowing a faster recovery time.
  • Then apply CocoMe Organic coconut oil to the effected area, use a sterile pad if you like.
  • Repeat as often as you like to ease the symptoms. 2 or more times a day is suggested in order to properly treat the infected area.
  • Use organic CocoMe as daily moisturizer. In conclusion, use as a preventative measure from future infections. Also the added bonus of keeping your skin youthful, healthy, and clean.

Find out first hand why CocoMe sits at the top of essential oils for itchy skin.


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