Fewer Products: Healthier You, Healthier Baby

People are starting to pay more and more attention to the importance of being a “minimalist” when it comes to their skin care products. This is particularly important when it concerns the untouched and extremely sensitive skin of a baby or young child. Why? Our bodies function as they should because of a complex and delicate cycle of messages that hormones communicate throughout our bodies. Our skin is our largest gland and everything that we put on our skin [...]


Welcome to CocoMe

Welcome to the CocoMe blog, home of all things coconut oil. Our mission is to bring information about this amazing natural oil to everyone, and unleash its healing power on the world! More and more people are choosing natural products to nourish and moisturize their skin, ridding themselves of parabens, chemicals and other manmade ingredients that absorb into your body and change the delicate balance nature intended. And in my humble opinion, organic virgin coconut oil is simply the [...]


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