castor oil vs coconut oil

Castor oil vs coconut oil.

Comparing castor oil vs coconut oil is like comparing two really great organic products. when putting them side by side we see a lot of similarities.

  • They both offer excellent Skin and hair benefits.
  • Both organic and when extracted through cold press. Very pure and natural.
  • They both offer unique healing properties not found in many oils and lotions.


History of Castor oil.

For a long time Castor oil was used by moms and grandmas in many locations. It was the go-to item that cured all things. Some of these rumors were based on truth. Like inducing labor. Some completely made up. Like regrowing hair on a bald man.

Because of it’s unique smell and thickness, it was even used  to punish a kid. To take a spoonful after they swore or got in trouble.  And then reused to even treat a common cold. As in many things in our world, the uses and abilities of Castor oil got over exaggerated. After separating some of the fiction out of it’s abilities. It still is quite a useful thing.

Comparing castor oil vs coconut oil

Deep Analysis on organic Castor oil.



  • Not the best at anti-aging.
  • Has a strong unique smell that often needs to be covered up.
  • Is very thick and sticky.
  • Preparation or heating must be done to use.

Deep Analysis on organic coconut oil.


  • Has all the super oil healing properties.
  • Good for Skin and hair beauty.
  • Good for cuts, infections and bites.
  • Found in almost all the anti-aging creams because of its qualities.


  • Feels light and greasy at first. A few minutes must pass until it is absorbed into the skin.
  • Until CocoMe, it was very light and messy. Because it comes as a solid but immediately melts in the hand.
  • Though rare, some people have an allergy to it.

Castor oil vs coconut oil – what do we choose.

When comparing to CocoMe Organic Coconut oil to any other brand, we easy to get carried away. This is because of the superior qualities we find in Coconut oil. Castor oil, shares many of these. Of course we are Biased to our product. This is true. The truth is that it comes down to your preference. The only edge we see in CocoMe Coconut oil is that it is safer for babies and children.

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