baby eczema treatment coconut oil

Baby eczema treatment coconut oil

Baby eczema treatment coconut oil. – It’s so frustrating when you see your tiny baby have many little red bumps and looking so uncomfortable. As a mom of 2 beautiful little girls I can personally say that when you don’t know what is wrong with your baby or how to help, its the most helpless situation you can be in. Something starts simple like my baby dry scalp coconut oil is not the most stressful thing we do to take care of our baby. But then it comes back. and even a little worse.

The horror of baby eczema.

Sometimes its on us as parents to help our children. But what do we do when we don’t always agree with the medical opinion given to us by the doctor? We look, and we read and sometime we have a simple yet amazing solution given to us.  When you think of baby eczema, what comes to mind? For me, its those itchy, dry red spots on my baby’s body and thinking about how miserable she must be. Looking into the causes of my baby’s rough, red skin I found that this condition is very common, not only on babies but on toddlers, children, teenagers, young adults, adults and seniors. Its safe to say its a common problem among most people.

Eczema happens when the immune system overreacts to substances the baby is allergic to. My baby suffered from this condition and would often get flair ups, and it caused patches of rough, red skin and she looked very uncomfortable. Speaking to her pediatrician about possible treatments or just some relief for her skin, the treatments she gave me were; steroids, antihistamines, or antiseptic creams. now you are reading this article and thinking baby eczema treatment coconut oil treatment? are you kidding? could it be?

The signs of baby eczema

Eczema is a problem in the skin’s ability to provide this protection.  Some babies and children grow out of it. Others will carry it their entire life, Thinking about my baby’s already delicate and extremely sensitive skin, I decided to do some research on my own. Thinking there has to be a better option, something organic and something that is actually good for your skin. I started with reading more into the condition and trying to figure out if there were anything I could do differently myself. I found out from the CDC that over 3 out of 4 babies have an eczema rash at least one time. and a shocking 12.6% of all children will carry it into their adult life. Reading this article on WebMD,  helped me to identify the most common symptoms, triggers and what I should try and avoid. The most common symptoms of eczema are;

  • Dry, red, tender skin. ( see picture samples)
  • Scaly, cracked, thick or leathery.
  • Itchy, crusting or oozing skin.
  • Circular patches of red areas.


Eczema flareups? is there no cure?

Baby eczema comes off and on in the form of flare ups. There is very little as a parent to stop the flareups, but we can control it so that the flareups do very little  to cause pain, infections, or discomfort. We should try and avoid the biggest triggers to help minimize flair up. The biggest triggers are:

  • Constantly blowing dry air.
  • Animal dander.
  • Pollen, mold and dust.
  • Some harsh soaps and detergents.
  • Scented products like lotions, shampoos, and soaps can also trigger flair ups.

Baby eczema treatment coconut oil? Does it work?

I tried changing some of these things to try and help and it didn’t seem to help much. The next thing that I found as a treatment for eczema really surprised me. It was coconut oil.

Doing some research on how coconut oil will help my baby’s eczema, I found out that coconut oil has many natural properties that can help manage eczema symptoms. Some of these properties are:

  • Antibacterial and  anti-fungal.
  • Antioxidant and antimicrobial elements.
  • Moisturize and actually provide nutrients to all the layers of the skin.
  • Anti- itch and anti-inflammation to stop the flare ups from growing or spreading. Coconut oil contains many vitamins and nutrients that help relive itchiness and helps soothe the skin.
  • Baby dry scalp coconut oil actually promotes nutrients to the hair follicles stronger and more able to keep a healthy hair and scalp. Overall great protection for a babies skin.

Baby eczema treatment coconut oil? My conclusion based on research.

When thinking about doing all this research and all the time spend looking into a possible treatment or just for something to help my baby’s eczema, I cant believe what a simple and inexpensive help there is for this problem. Sometimes we get into our own heads and think we might know better and assume that something so simple like coconut oil cannot be the answer we have been searching for, but it is. Our children are the most important thing for us and we would do anything for them. When you try this amazing coconut stick, you are going to be amazed and will want to use it for everything you can think of.

I personally used to think that coconut oil was either for cooking or maybe for your hair, but there are really many possibilities of use for this wonderful product. There are many articles to show how it can benefit your baby with more than just her skin. is there an effective baby eczema treatment coconut oil treatment A baby dry scalp coconut oil plan? Will it work on my child.

We have been using this amazing coconut oil body stick from Cocome and it has been wonderful, my baby’s skin is looking great, she has not been getting flair ups since we started using this and she just looks happy and finally comfortable.

Baby eczema treatment coconut oil treatment plan.

So how do you use this product? What is a good baby eczema treatment coconut oil treatment plan? What about my baby dry scalp coconut oil plan?

Remember mommies, a little goes a long way.

  1. After bathing your baby, dry his/her skin and apply a small amount of coconut oil to his/her skin. You don’t have to rub it off, as it will absorb into the skin.
  2. Apply as needed. During times of flare ups, I used it every time I changed a diaper. CocooMe is 100% organic. Safe to apply as often as you like. Not toxic even if your baby plays with it then sticks it in her/his mouth. , Life you see on so many warning labels.
  3. Give this treatment about two weeks to work and always keep in mind that if your baby is allergic to coconut, please do not use this product as it is 100% coconut oil.
  4. Everyone’s skin reacts different to each product so discontinue use if you see anything that doesn’t look right to you.
  5. Always keep an open level of communication with your pediatrician. And for goodness sake, see him if the situation doesnt improve in a few days. It may be something different or worse.
  6. Watch closely the baby’s diet.  See if certain foods trigger more severe flareups.

Baby dry scalp coconut oil Plan

  1. Follow the same steps as listed above fora baby dry scalp coconut oil plan.
  2. Leave also in as a conditioner. The nutrients will absorb into the hair follicles.
  3. Around the ears neck forehead and face also is perfectly safe. And though it is safe for the eyes, oil does blur the vision, so this is the only place to be a little careful on.

The best coconut oil especially for baby skin is 100% organic coconut oil. The coconut oil from Cocome is 100% organic, they use organic cold press oil, which means its not subjugated to any chemicals extract. So it is not exposed any extreme heat that can kill off the benefits of Coconuts. I also like that it is abuse free and trade friendly. When you have coconut oil that is not refined, processed or deodorized in any way, its truly virgin coconut oil.


This baby eczema treatment coconut oil plan was written By Patricia from Texas, one of our dear customers.

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