“Nature made it perfect – we’ve just repackaged it.” – Founder, CocoMe, LLC Check out our options and features included.


“I am truly LOVING this product in its simplicity and how it makes my skin feel. The beeswax actually helps with keeping the moisture in after a shower. I use lots and lots of coconut oil, but this really is great. Now when I travel I bring my bodystick!”


“Before CocoMe, I didn’t moisturize as often as I knew I should because it seemed like a pointless hassle– 10 minutes later my skin would feel just as dry as it did before. What’s wonderful about CocoMe is that I can swipe it on my arms and legs in three strokes, rub it in, and feel luxuriously moisturized all day long. It’s fast and easy, and I actually use it!”

Emma, Locust Valley, NY

About Us

Imagine an elixir that repairs your skin, while moisturizing and protecting it from free radical damage. Now imagine it is also a natural wonder – pure, and perfect in its organic state. A super potion that nourishes stressed and sensitive skin, leaving it soft and evenly toned…  Read More…